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The topic “Description of mechanisms of single fracture formation”, “Faults formation”

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(at 25/09/2009 state, Russian titles were translated in English and there are transliteration versions of original ones also)


4. Yakovlev F.L. The experience of faults typology for linear folding structures, on the Greater Caucasus example // Faults forming and seismicity in lithosphere: tectonophysical ideas and effects. Irkutsk: IEC SD RAS. 2009. pp. 128-131. [in Russian]. PDF- R

3. Osokina D.N., Yakovlev F.L., Voitenko V.N. The study of tectonic fracture as object which jointed a megacrack, its fields (stress and strain one) and secondary structures (tectonophysical analysis) // Problems of tectonophysics. To fortieth anniversary of foundation by M.Gzovsky the Tectonophysics Laboratory in the Institute of physics of the Earth RAS. / Moscow. Publishing of IPE RAS. 2008. pp. 89 – 102. [in Russian] PDF- R

2. Yakovlev F.L. About the diagnostics of strain state of fault sides and of its internal zone using types of secondary fractures // Common and regional problems of tectonics and geodynamics // The materials of XLI Tectonic Meeting. Moscow: GEOS, 2008, v.2, pp. 516-519 (Abstract, in Russ.). PDF-R  [in Engl. tes-yak-MTC-41-en.doc  [O diagnostike deformirivannogo sostoyania kril’ev razlomov i ikh vnutrennei zoni po tipam vtorichnikh narushenii.]

1. Osokina, D.N., Yakovlev, F.L.; Voitenko, V.N. Second rank fractures and 3D stress & strain local fields of fault with sides friction as ones development’s stages evidence: theory, experiment and natural examples (on the basis of «fracture-crack» and «fracture – shear zone» models study). http://www.cosis.net/abstracts/EGU2007/10465/EGU2007-J-10465.pdf - PDF


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